Kaymie Spangler


Hello, my name is Kaymie Spangler! I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Dallas Texas. I see clients both in person and virtually. I earned my master’s degree from Texas A&M University-Commerce. (License number 85084). My passion lies in helping individuals navigate their journey towards personal growth and healing. With empathy as my guiding principle, I strive to create a safe and supportive space for my clients to explore their life struggles and trauma. I believe that every person has unique needs and experiences, and my goal is to create an environment where my clients feel understood and accepted. Through an integrative humanistic approach, I draw on a range of evidence-based techniques to tailor treatment to each client’s individual needs. I believe in treating the whole person, taking into account their emotional, psychological, and physical well-being. I work with adults and adolescents, and I am committed to helping each person I work with discover their own intuition and inner strength. I also believe that with the right support, anyone can overcome their challenges and reach their full
potential. Above all, my goal as a therapist is to empower my clients to lead fulfilling and meaningful lives. Whether you are struggling with a specific issue or simply looking for support and guidance, I am here to help you on your journey towards healing and growth.