About Us

Welcome to The Counseling Spot. We offer counseling services for individuals, couples, children, and families with a variety of needs. Some of the most common concerns we see are anxiety, depression, life change adjustment, grief and loss, stress, addiction and co-dependency, abuse and trauma, and interpersonal conflict.

We’re Here to Help

We understand that it’s not easy asking for help. There continues to be a stigma associated with going to counseling and there are many myths about what to expect in counseling. Seeking counseling for yourself, your family, or your child is a demonstration of your strength and commitment to growth and well-being. Choosing to enter counseling is an important decision. We want you to feel comfortable with your decision and throughout the process as well. At The Counseling Spot, we work sincerely to create an environment in which you feel safe, respected, and empowered.